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Armstrong Helps Customers Reduce Energy Use by over 2.5 Billion kWh, Avoiding 2 Million Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Feb 8, 2022 4:20:27 AM


Armstrong Fluid Technology announced a bold initiative in 2018, to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions among its global customer base by 2 million tons, targeting completion by the year 2022.

At AHR Expo 2022 in January, Armstrong proudly announced that they had reached and surpassed that lofty goal. In the process they have helped customers save 2.5 billion kWh of electricity usage, resulting in more than $300 million in cost savings. Achieving this goal is the equivalent of taking 600,000 cars off the road for a year, or off-setting the average annual CO2 emissions generated by 100,000 people.

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Armstrong Fluid Technology Introduces Active Performance Management at AHR Expo 2020

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Apr 6, 2020 11:15:48 AM

As Seen On: Engineered Systems (ES) Magazine March 20, 2020

Brent Ross, global director for configured and standard products, Armstrong Fluid Technologies introduces the manufacturer’s latest technologies.

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Armstrong Fluid Technology at the AHR Expo 2020

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Apr 6, 2020 11:01:02 AM

As Seen On: February 28, 2020

Steven Lane with Armstrong talking about their energy saving in-suction horizontal pump with the new design envelope pump manager technology and built in vibration isolation.

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Armstrong Fluid Technology talks about the Big Data D.R.E.A.M. of equipment manufacturers

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Mar 10, 2020 10:42:02 AM

As Seen On: March 05, 2020


One of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time is a track on the 1993 debut album from the immortal Wu Tang Clan entitled, “C.R.E.A.M.” The song’s name was an acronym for the phrase, “Cash rules everything around me.” And, while that may have been true for a group of guys growing up in New York City, it’s different – albeit somewhat similar – for equipment manufacturers. For equipment manufacturers, the top track would be, “D.R.E.A.M.,” and it would be an acronym for, “Data rules everything around me.”

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Armstrong’s Pump Manager named a finalist in 2020 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Oct 21, 2019 10:03:48 AM

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s Pump Manager, a cloud-based subscription service that enables Active Performance Management, has been selected as a Finalist in the 2020 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition.

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AHR Expo 2019

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Feb 21, 2019 6:28:56 AM

Earlier this year Armstrong Fluid Technology was an exhibitor at AHR Expo 2019, the world’s largest HVACR event. It was a very busy three days of product demonstrations, networking, and idea sharing. The entire event was documented by numerous industry publications. Below is a summary of items related to Armstrong Fluid Technology.

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Best of AHR 2019

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Feb 18, 2019 8:30:45 AM

As Seen on - February 14, 2019


Armstrong Fluid Technology announced the availability of a new capability on all of its Design Envelope solutions. All Design Envelope pumps will have the capability to predict and detect cavitation in a pump, and deliver an alert to a previously established contact. The ability to detect cavitation and provide an alert will limit the energy losses and equipment damage. 

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Armstrong To Showcase Performance Upgrade Program for Installed Design Envelope Pumps at AHR Expo 2019

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Dec 11, 2018 8:04:30 AM

As Seen on - December 05, 2018

Armstrong Fluid Technology will showcase a new Performance Upgrade Program for installed Design Envelope pumps at AHR Expo 2019 January 14-16 in Atlanta.

The Performance Upgrade Program provides an opportunity to upgrade existing Design Envelope pumps to include advanced control features and connectivity to Pump Manager, an IoT enabled analytics solution. Pump Manager connects operators to Design Envelope pumps, providing real-time insights based on operating data.

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Armstrong Announces New Performance Management Service and Free Trial Offer

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jan 31, 2018 1:18:13 PM

As Seen on  – December 22, 2017

Study Results Underscore the need for Performance Management of HVAC Equipment

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced a new Performance Management Service offering, available with the purchase of all new Design Envelope pumps. This new service is being offered on a free trial basis ending in December 2018. Owners and end users can sign up for the introductory offer as an integral part of the warranty registration.

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Armstrong To Unveil New Stainless Steel Vertical In-Line Pump at AHR Expo

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Dec 5, 2017 7:53:02 AM

As Seen on – November 29, 2017

Armstrong Fluid Technology will announce a new line of Stainless Steel Vertical In-Line pumps for plumbing applications in residential and commercial buildings at AHR Expo 2018 in Chicago, January 22-24.

Featuring superior energy saving performance and space-saving features of the award-winning Armstrong Design Envelope Vertical In-Line design, the new Stainless Steel models are ideal for potable water or residential water applications. Building owners can now benefit from exact flow and pressure output without throttling.

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