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Armstrong Unveils New Integrated Tower Control System (ITC 9521)

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Apr 13, 2018 5:22:09 AM

As Seen on – April 11, 2018

Armstrong Fluid Technology announces the introduction of the new ITC 9521, an Integrated Tower Control System designed to transform an HVAC installation into an intelligent system for a variety of heat rejection applications.

“Leveraging Armstrong’s advanced demand-based algorithms and industry-leading Parallel Sensorless technology, the ITC 9521 provides users with an energy-efficient solution for heat rejection processes for applications such as datacenters, condensing cooling, heat pumps, paint processing, injection molding and air-compressor stations,” according to Lex van der Weerd, Armstrong CEO.

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Hydronics Equipment Growing More Efficient, Intelligent

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Mar 2, 2017 5:59:27 AM

As seen on achrnews – February 27, 2017

Many companies showcased their solutions at the 2017 AHR Expo

IMPRESSIVE RESULTS: Armstrong Fluid Technology’s new line of Design Envelope pumps include a new, integrated Armstrong controller that provides a wide range of new functionality, including on-board diagnostics, trending, alerts, and automatic flow-balancing.

LAS VEGAS — Hydronics manufacturers are striving to introduce equipment that is more energy efficient yet encompasses intelligent, simple controls. Many companies showcased their solutions on the 2017 AHR Expo show floor.

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Armstrong Fluid Technology introduces a new air-cooled chilled water plant control system

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jun 2, 2014 12:50:27 AM

As seen on - June 2, 2014

TORONTO — Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced a new Chiller Plant Automation System targeted at optimizing the performance of air-cooled chiller plants.

The IPC 9511 streamlines plant operations and can lower operating costs. Facility managers and engineers seeking an easy-to-use, comprehensive Plant Automation System will benefit from this fully field-configurable solution with automation features for constant speed and variable speed configurations.

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Armstrong develops chiller plant automation system service plan

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Feb 5, 2014 3:34:35 PM

As seen on Engineered Systems - February 5, 2014

Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced its Factory Service Plan for IPC chiller plant automation systems.

According to the company, as products have become increasingly intelligent incorporating embedded controls, the skillset required to provide proper service becomes less generic and more dependent on factory-trained resources. Key aspects of the Factory Service Plan include: inspection and review of key components, assessment of operation conditions, control system tuning, software upgrades as they are released, back-up and secure storage of parameters and settings, and annual training for the building operators.

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