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Hydronics Equipment Growing More Efficient, Intelligent

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Mar 2, 2017 5:59:27 AM

As seen on achrnews – February 27, 2017

Many companies showcased their solutions at the 2017 AHR Expo

IMPRESSIVE RESULTS: Armstrong Fluid Technology’s new line of Design Envelope pumps include a new, integrated Armstrong controller that provides a wide range of new functionality, including on-board diagnostics, trending, alerts, and automatic flow-balancing.

LAS VEGAS — Hydronics manufacturers are striving to introduce equipment that is more energy efficient yet encompasses intelligent, simple controls. Many companies showcased their solutions on the 2017 AHR Expo show floor.


The shift to integrate increasingly sophisticated controls into residential and commercial circulators and pumps supports the industry’s push toward improvements in energy efficiency and comfort.

“This trend allows contractors to positively influence the purchase decision, particularly if they are well versed in control technology and capabilities and the resulting energy efficiencies,” said Brent Ross, global director of configured building equipment, Armstrong Fluid Technology.

“By choosing the circulator or pump solution with the right control capabilities, circulator and pump installation and startup can be made substantially easier and faster.

“But the biggest opportunity is in energy upgrades that convert older, fixed-speed circulators to use variable-speed circulators with automated controls,” continued Ross.

Armstrong has invested heavily in the development of advanced controls to support energy-efficient operation. These features have been incorporated into the company’s new Compass H circulator and Design Envelope pumps.

“The Compass H circulator features a Quadratic Sensorless flow control algorithm and auto adjustment that intelligently responds to system demand and operates at the least possible energy,” Ross said. “It also accepts 0- to 10-V DC external control so it can accept flow adjustment signals from most modern boilers.

“The Compass H’s Design Envelope technology improves its efficiency, and if the circulator responds to flow control signals from the boiler and allows the boiler to operate more efficiently, then it’s a double win,” Ross said.

A focus on integrated electronics in pumps will continue in 2017. This focus will provide pump operators and engineers with more precise and detailed data as business owners are increasingly turning to building operators to lower their energy costs and environmental impacts.

“The integration of motors and controls in self-contained systems means the pumps themselves provide information about power consumption and other key indicators,” said DelPiano. “The users of the pumps can continuously monitor them to determine if a pump is operating efficiently or if preventive maintenance is needed.”

With the increased use of variable-speed drives, many building owners are choosing to retrofit existing systems to incorporate energy-saving components that will improve efficiency and lower operating costs, added DelPiano.

“To ensure energy-efficiency goals are achieved, contractors need to stay up to date on products and technologies and understand how to properly integrate them in the current system.”

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