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How the Capabilities for Performance Tracking in Pump Manager Can Alert Operators and Help Avoid Unnecessary HVAC Costs

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Dec 24, 2021 4:04:41 AM

As Seen On: December 10, 2021

As facility managers, contractors and service professionals gain experience working with remote performance tracking capabilities for intelligent pumps, the HVAC industry is learning how valuable this type of subscription service can be. It seems that many customers originally agreed to the purchase of a performance tracking subscription service on the assumption that it would serve only as a security blanket, but would be mostly unnecessary. Based on the testimonial stories provided by customers describing service, maintenance and performance management scenarios, the subscription service has proven its value many times over. Examples detailing how remote performance tracking prevented a serious negative outcome, organized into categories, are presented below.

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Topics: HVAC System, In The Media, Pump Manager, Performance Management, Active Performance Management, Design Envelope pumps, performance tracking services

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