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Posted by Peter Wolff on Jun 20, 2022 10:44:51 AM

As Seen On: June 21, 2022

Over the last 150 years, development of the electric motor has gone in fits and starts. Initially, all electric motors used direct current (DC). But with the advent of alternating current (AC) and amid the “battle of the currents” between industrial development giants George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla unveiled
his induction motor, a new design that converted the power of alternating electrical current into rotational torque.

It was a game changer. As well as helping Westinghouse win the battle of the currents, it was relatively easy to make, efficient and, crucially, needed no slip rings or brushes to transmit electrical current to the shaft. These parts were the Achilles’ heel of the DC and slip-ring type AC motor, requiring regular maintenance to replace them as they wore out.

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