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Pump Types

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Nov 7, 2023 4:20:12 PM

A Review of Pump Types for HVAC Systems

Pumps can be grouped according to the method of displacement, the direction of fluid flow, orientation, and control capabilities. Major types of pumps include positive-displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, and axial flow pumps.

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Advantages of Digital Twins in HVAC Systems: A Primer

Posted by Anne-Laurence Chevalier on Jun 24, 2020 10:09:35 AM

As Seen On: June 3, 2020


As remote monitoring seems poised to gain popularity, the time is right for this data-rich technology

The growing use of digital twins as a key strategy in manufacturing and systems optimization has left many designers, installers, operators and building owners wondering about the technology and what benefits it might have for the modern built environment, and specifically HVAC systems.

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Design Envelope 4312 Twin Pumps

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Nov 30, 2018 6:26:01 AM

As Seen on - November 08, 2018

Armstrong’s Design Envelope 4312 is a pipe-mounted, two-pump unit with integrated intelligent controls for full redundancy during operation. Vertical in-line design eliminates the need for inertia bases, housekeeping pads and flex connectors, and reduces piping requirement. It saves up to 75 percent in energy over comparable traditional constant-speed or variable-frequency-operated pump installations. Reduces operational greenhouse gas emissions at an equal ratio. Integrated controls eliminate procurement, installation (including wiring), calibration and upkeep of differential pressure sensors. Power range is 1 horsepower to 40 horsepower (0.75 kW to 30 kW). Performance range is up to 1,250 gal. per minute (80 L/s) flow and 250 ft. (75 m) head. 

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