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Fire Pump Types

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Apr 16, 2024 10:37:38 AM

Pumps that are designed and approved for fire suppression systems can be grouped into four major categories based on configuration.

  • Horizontal Split Case (HSC) - These pumps use a ‘between-the-bearings’ design, which means that the impeller is supported by bearings on both sides. This design provides more support for the impeller and allows it to rotate more efficiently under stress. Read more here...

  • End Suction (ES) - This type of centrifugal pump uses a casing design that draws in fluid from the end of the pump and discharges fluid out the top. - Coming soon

  • Vertical Turbine (VT) – These pumps are specially designed to move water from an underground well or reservoir and are typically used in applications where a flooded suction cannot be maintained. - Coming soon

  • Vertical In-Line (VIL) - are designed for vertical installation with the suction and discharge in line to provide a smooth flow of liquid through the system. - Coming soon 

A recent innovation in vertical inline pumps includes the opportunity to integrate intelligence to support variable speed regulation of output as well as connected performance tracking with data storage, analysis and alerts.

Each of these different designs for fire pumps offers a distinct set of features and strengths, for a range of fire suppression applications. 



Topics: Design Envelope, Fire Pumps

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