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Armstrong Fluid Technology Expands Circulator Pump Range and European Presence

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jan 10, 2018 4:52:21 AM

Armstrong Fluid Technology
 announces that it has completed the acquisition of the Circulator Pump Business Unit of HALM Motors + Systems GmbH in Germany, a provider of high efficiency circulator pumps for heating, solar, geothermal and domestic hot water applications. The HALM circulator pump offerings, global customer base and European presence extend Armstrong’s offerings and global reach, and demonstrate our commitment to energy efficiency and the European circulator market.

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S&H ECM Circulators

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Nov 23, 2017 8:43:44 AM

Armstrong has announced that its permanently lubricated, maintenance-free (MF) S&H circulators are now available with ECM motors and new EPDM seals.

These new enhancements make Armstrong S&H circulators as much as 20% more efficient. The S&H circulators also offer a significantly expanded temperature range.

Because the S&H MF circulators eliminate the need for oiling, they reduce maintenance requirements, saving building owners time and money.

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New Armstrong COMPASS R Represents the Next Technology Evolution for Circulators

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Mar 6, 2017 2:06:26 AM

As seen on – April 12, 2017


Featuring Advanced Variable Speed Design and New ECM Motors


Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the next technology evolution for circulators with the introduction of the COMPASS R. Featuring advanced variable speed Design Envelope technology, new high-efficiency Armstrong iECMTM motors, and quadratic pressure curves, the COMPASS R will minimize both energy costs and long-term operating costs for homeowners.

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Consensus Reached on Energy Conservation Standards for Circulator Pumps

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Dec 15, 2016 8:05:44 AM

As Seen on – December 2016

Hydraulic Institute members reach consensus recommendation for an energy conservation standard level for circulator pumps as part of ASRAC working group.

Members of the Hydraulic Institute, Armstrong Fluid Technology, Grundfos, Taco Inc., WILO USA and Xlyem Applied Water Systems participated on a 15-member Appliance Federal Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ASRAC) working group on circulator pumps. On November 30, 2016, the working group reached consensus on a term sheet recommending to the ASRAC and the Secretary of Energy, terms for the development of a test procedure and energy conservation standard levels for circulator pumps. The consensus term sheet will go to the ASRAC for approval and be posted to the public docket. Stay up-to-date on background and updates on the circulator pump rulemaking process, including the approved term sheet when available.

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Armstrong Fluid Technology Stainless Steel Compass Circulator Energy Saving DE Model

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jul 11, 2016 2:43:17 AM

As seen on – July 2016


Armstrong Fluid Technology’s new stainless steel COMPASS wet rotor circulator featuring its innovative Design Envelope (DE) energy saving technology. COMPASS circulators offer high flow capacity and eight optional control modes that deliver superior energy efficiency for lower operating costs. The new SSU Model also features a threaded union connection that is easy to adapt to copper, PEX or CPVC plumbing.

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Circulators & Seal Bearing Assemblies

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jun 14, 2016 8:04:22 AM

As seen on – June 2016

Armstrong Fluid Technology offers its line of Maintenance-Free (MF) S&H Circulators and the Seal Bearing Assemblies (SBA) used to service them. Armstrong MF S&H Circulators eliminate the need for oiling, saving time and cost for building operators. The company's SBAs are compatible with many competing circulator models that require maintenance. This allows building owners to upgrade those installed circulators by replacing the SBAs 

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Armstrong unveils improved Astro 2 hot water recirculation systems

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Feb 3, 2016 2:47:16 AM

As Seen on Healthcare Facilities Today - February 2, 2016

Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced new versions of the popular Astro 2 Hot Water Recirculation (HWR) pumps.  A hot water recirculation system can save a typical family over 12,000 gallons of water per year by eliminating the waste of water that occurs when occupants open a hot water faucet and have to wait for hot water to reach the fixture.

Astro 2 HWR circulators are suitable for use in a 3-pipe installation with a dedicated return. The Astro Express 2 System includes the innovative Astro Express LF Valve and is designed for use in a standard residential 2-pipe installation.

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Motor Technology Drives Circulator Pump Innovation

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Dec 8, 2015 6:41:42 AM

As seen on – December 7, 2015

Variable-speed technology and controls improve pump efficiency, ease of installation

In hydronic heating and cooling systems, circulator pumps move water or refrigerant throughout a closed-loop system in order to transfer energy from the source to the point of need. While older circulator pumps utilized single-speed motors and were largely inefficient, advances in motor technology, controls, and pump design have transformed the market and ushered in a new era of highly efficient products that feature variable-speed motors, easy installation and setup, remote connectivity, and more.

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Armstrong announces enhancements to its Astro 2 series of Wet-Rotor Circulators

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Aug 11, 2015 2:58:34 AM

As seen on : August 7, 2015


Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced two new enhancements to its Astro wet-rotor circulators that include a larger wiring box for easier access and faster wiring on the 220, 225, 230 and 250 Series circulators.

This larger 3” x 4.25” box includes a threaded connection to accept commercially available ½” NPT electrical connectors directly. The identical wiring box is also used on larger capacity Astro models.

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Armstrong upgrades E Series

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jun 19, 2015 5:11:12 AM

As seen on - May 1, 2015

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the introduction of its E.2 Pump-Less Volute (PLV) kit which is designed to upgrade, renew or replace all working parts of all models in the E Series family of circulators. The kits are suitable for both hydronic fluid and potable water applications and include all the new features that were introduced with the second generation of the E Series.

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