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S&H ECM Circulators

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Nov 23, 2017 8:43:44 AM

116431132_H54_Gold_VoluteUp.jpgArmstrong has announced that its permanently lubricated, maintenance-free (MF) S&H circulators are now available with ECM motors and new EPDM seals.

These new enhancements make Armstrong S&H circulators as much as 20% more efficient. The S&H circulators also offer a significantly expanded temperature range.

Because the S&H MF circulators eliminate the need for oiling, they reduce maintenance requirements, saving building owners time and money.

Other key features of the S&H circulators include:

  • On-board user interface that supports precise flow control
  • ECM motors that can accept 0 – 10 V DC input, providing the option for external speed control through leading BAS/BMS offerings
  • Manual speed adjustment supports energy savings where the system allows
  • Modular 3-piece design includes a universal shaft and bearing module that fits 12 circulator sizes. Standardization of the module size makes repair and replacement easy

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