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Case study: Upside Down Condos II

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jan 2, 2024 9:30:00 AM


This condo tower (324 units on 13 floors) had completed a previous retrofit that unfortunately left the variable speed pumps operating in a fixed mode at low speed, so the HVAC system couldn’t cool the west-facing units in the summer.

Armstrong installed new Design Envelope pumps and used the Sensor less variable speed and auto-balancing capabilities to determine optimal flow rates. Operating in variable speed, demand-based mode, the pumps now provide 64% more flow but use 25% less power.

Armstrong maps each individual pump’s hydraulic, motor and inverter variations at the factory, to achieve exceptional accuracy throughout the flow range.

With this calibration, Armstrong Design Envelope pumps also serve as flow meters, providing reliable system flow data (+/- 5%). The testing ensures optimal performance efficiency at start-up, and Armstrong’s Pump Manager helps maintain and extend efficiency throughout the pump’s operating life.

Quick Stats

Facility type: Condominium High Rise

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Size: 303 units, 13 Story building 

Power consumption savings: 23%

Annual cost savings: $7,907

Annual CO2 reduction: 18,335 kg CO2


Key Outcomes

  • Improved occupant comfort
  • 25% energy savings while providing 64% more flow
  • Annual cost savings – approximately $1,700
  • Easy access to operating data showing flow, head, power usage and rpm
  • Constant data-logging and performance monitoring


Download a copy of this case study for all the details.


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