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Case study: Crown Realty Partner: Pearson Corporate Center

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Dec 19, 2023 9:30:00 AM


Crown Realty Partners: Pearson Corporate Center is a 300,000 square foot complex in Toronto consisting of two eight-storey office towers joined together by a central atrium. In 2018 the building owners asked Armstrong to upgrade the original pumps to new Design Envelope pumps.  

Armstrong replaced 6 constant speed pumps with new Design Envelope variable-speed pumps. Based on modelling calculations, the new system was expected to produce energy savings of 64%. Actual energy savings are over 80%.

Armstrong maps each individual pump’s hydraulic, motor and inverter variations at the factory, to achieve exceptional accuracy throughout the flow range.

With this calibration, Armstrong Design Envelope pumps also serve as flow meters, providing reliable system flow data (+/- 5%). The testing ensures optimal performance efficiency at start-up, and Armstrong’s Pump Manager helps maintain and extend efficiency throughout the pump’s operating life.


Quick Stats

Facility type: Large Office Complex

Location: Toronto, Canada

Size: 300,000 ft2

Power consumption savings: 87%

Annual cost savings: $121,692

Annual CO2 reduction: 131,053 kg CO2


Key Outcomes

  • Energy savings of over 80% compared to the original constant speed pumps
  • Improved occupant comfort 
  • Pump Manager notification identified deadhead condition
  • Easy access to pump operating data showing flow, head, power usage and rpm
  • Constant data-logging and performance monitoring

Download a copy of this case study for all the details.


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