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Case Study: Caribbean Resort

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on May 21, 2024 8:26:17 AM


In 2018, the HVAC system at a popular holiday resort suffered a series of failures and leaks, resulting in frequent downtime. An initial review determined that the existing pumps were the cause and had to be replaced. The review also noted that the pumps were oversized, which affected system efficiency. With the resort occupancy rates near 95% for most of the year, HVAC performance and reliability are crucial, so managers decided to go ahead with an upgrade.

Because local rates for electricity average $0.28 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), the project represented an opportunity for the resort to reduce energy costs as well as carbon footprint. After assessing the HVAC system, Armstrong recommended Design Envelope Vertical In-Line pumps to replace the existing primary and secondary pumps. 

The team at the facility was impressed by the space savings created by the Vertical In-Line design and noted that subscribing to the Pump Manager service made it easier to track equipment status and performance. “Since our hotel is located on an island, we need a system that’s easy to maintain. The performance reports and messages provided by Pump Manager are very helpful. Plus, the team at Armstrong is always available if we have any questions.”

The upgrade project provided a simple payback of less than two years and saves over $170,000 annually. The management team at the hotel is very focused on reducing carbon footprint, so the annual energy savings of 558,000 kWh are an important measure of success. With the reduced energy usage driving cost savings, the upgrade project generated a simple payback in less than two years.


Design Envelope Vertical In-Line pumps require less floor space (as much as 60%) than other pump configurations. The Pump Manager service provides alarms, alerts and performance analysis to support optimal efficiency and occupant comfort.

Summary of outcome

An HVAC pump retrofit boosted efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The payback period for the project was less than two years.

Tech Info

Design Envelope 4300 Vertical In-Line Pumps
Pump Manager Subscription


Download a copy of this case study for all the details.


Topics: Design Envelope, HVAC, HVAC System

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