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Armstrong Holds Press Conference at AHR Expo

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Feb 5, 2018 8:36:57 AM

As Seen on – January 22, 2018


Armstrong Fluid Technology held a press conference at its booth at the AHR Expo Monday announcing the availability of a new line of high performance Design Envelope End-Suction pumps in the 1 to 10 HP range.

“Last year was big year for us, we did two major introductions last year – our completely new 1-10 hp line,” said Neil Cooper, director, sales enablement, Armstrong Fluid Technology. “We’re still featuring the line you would have seen last year, featuring all the new elements of our next generation of offerings, and that’s the onboard controls, completely redesigned hydraulics, and most important, all the connectivity that goes with these. That’s wireless, wired, and traditional BACnet, no matter what you’re trying to connect these units to, it’s there.”

These new offerings reflect a completely new design featuring improved hydraulics and Armstrong intelligent motor technology. The new offerings also feature Armstrong’s unique vibration isolation technology, which can reduce installed costs by as much as $2,000 by eliminating the need to add an inertia base on installation.

These new End-Suction pumps offer all the value of Armstrong's industry-leading Design Envelope technology. Providing extended intelligence, wireless connectivity, new integrated Armstrong controls, Parallel Sensorless Pump Control and on-board web services, Design Envelope technology can help building managers realize energy savings of up to 70 percent. Design Envelope pump offerings also support Armstrong's new, connected performance management service, Pump Manager.

Additionally, Cooper also announced Armstrong’s new Performance Management Service offering, available with the purchase of all new Design Envelope pumps. This new service is being offered on a free trial basis ending in December 2018. Owners and end users can sign up for the introductory offer as an integral part of the warranty registration.

Armstrong offers two Performance Management services. Pump Manager is focused on the performance of individual pumps or pump arrays. ECO*Pulse takes a broader view, and helps building owners manage and optimize their entire HVAC system. According to Cooper, the new service will provide up to 25 percent savings compared to traditional variable speed plant operation.

Cooper also discussed Armstrong’s new optimization service, TowerMax, which boosts energy and water savings, and is available as an upgrade for any previous installation of an Armstrong Design Envelope IPC 9521 plant controller. TowerMax employs advanced operating algorithms to minimize the energy and water consumption of a variable speed chiller plant.

The new energy-saving optimization sequences embedded in TowerMax include regulation of cooling tower and condenser flow, operation of cooling tower air flow and fan, plus staging of cooling towers in concert with pumps, fans, and chillers.

The TowerMax service bundle includes three components:

Optimization sequences;

  • ECO*Pulse Performance Management service; and
  • A performance commitment with an OPEX guarantee
  • TowerMax represents a simple and immediate opportunity for existing IPC customers to further improve their energy performance.

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