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A Call to Phones - The conversations we're having are not the conversations we need to have.

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on May 26, 2022 11:01:49 AM


As Umair Irfan of Vox media writes in a recent article: The Air Conditioning Paradox, in an environment of more frequent and more dangerous heat waves, “the tactics for cooling can end up worsening the very problem they’re trying to solve if they draw on fossil fuels, or leak refrigerants that are potent heat-trapping gases. And the people who stand to experience the most extreme heat are often those least able to cool off.”

HVAC solutions that offer low installed cost, high-efficiency and support for sustainability are a necessity, not an option. In a business environment that has been referred to as a global ‘brawl with no rules’, opportunities to create lasting change seem rare. But they present themselves every day - we need only listen better and be willing to forge a less-familiar path. When we embrace the far-sighted approach to business of serving customers’ longer-term needs, adding more (and more sustainable) value for all stakeholders, we can be of service to both our customers and to the world.

Instead of the conventional I-can-get-it-for-you-for-less value proposition, we can advance integrated, intelligent solutions that provide exponentially more value.   As to our own supply networks, we must also work harder with our vendors to provide products and solutions that are manufactured and processed sustainably.

The opportunity, coupled with the imperative for change, seems obvious. “Around 30% of the world’s population is currently exposed to life-threatening temperatures for at least 20 days a year. Heat waves already kill an estimated 12,000 people annually across the world. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 50% of freeze-dried and 25% of liquid vaccines are wasted each year, with cold chain disruptions being one of the biggest causes. Sustainable, efficient cooling solutions and systems are clearly needed.” (1)

But how, one might ask, can we reach and influence all our customers and suppliers, effectively, responsibly, and repeatedly? Talk to them. On the phone.  Or on Zoom if you must.  But talk with them, one at a time, and move the topic of conversation beyond the current standard of price and delivery. Discuss the importance of sustainable solutions that provide long-term cost benefits and environmental benefits. We need to continue these conversations - globally and within our industry - as we encourage customers to adopt the most sustainable operating practices for their buildings.

Armstrong is proud to serve customers and at the same time provide leadership in reducing the environmental impact of HVAC systems. Our solutions use less pipe, less concrete and less wiring. They weigh less, which reduces shipping costs, and they’re faster and easier to install. They are more energy efficient and easier to maintain for greater lifetime operating value and minimized carbon footprint. You can reach anyone in the company, or in our global network of representatives, by starting here: 

A lot of people are depending on us and looking to our industry for leadership.  Now’s our time to set a meaningful example. So, let’s talk.

 (1) Chilling Prospects: Providing Sustainable Cooling for All


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