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Armstrong Introduces the Self-Regulating Variable Speed Fire Pump

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jun 24, 2019 5:58:51 AM

As Seen on - June 19, 2019

DE Fire Pump Concept - No Shadow

Meets NFPA-20 (2019 Edition), Section 4.8 Standards

Toronto, June 18, 2019 – Armstrong Fluid Technology has unveiled its industry-leading, self-regulating variable speed fire pump which, in addition to new safety benefits, also holds the distinction of being the first fire pump to meet NFPA-20 (2019 Edition), Section 4.8 standards. 

“The new Design Envelope Fire Pump will provide safe, reliable performance in fire suppression systems, along with complete transparency into the operation of the pump. The Design Envelope Fire Pump also makes fire suppression systems that require a variable speed approach more affordable for contractors and building owners, as it enables a more cost-effective design for the fire sprinkler system.” said Steven Baird, Marketing Manager – Fire Products at Armstrong.

Baird stated “As the first fire pump that offers integrated variable speed, the new Design Envelope Fire Pump provides critical operating data that is always accessible via the built-in performance management feature. This real-time information will alert users to changing conditions in the system that might affect operation or maintenance priorities.”

The key performance data assessed includes:

•  Pump operation history

•  Jockey pump run time

•  Test mode visual indicator

•  Storage tank water-level indicator

•  Suction pressure levels

Based on its capability to deliver precise pressure and flow as required by a sprinkler system, the new Design Envelope Fire Pump provides greater project flexibility, substantially reduced building costs, valuable space savings and reduced maintenance costs.

About Armstrong Fluid Technology - With over 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on four continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known as an innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid flow equipment. With expertise in demand-based control, digitalization, fluid flow, and heat transfer, Armstrong Fluid Technology leads the fluid systems industry, including HVAC, plumbing, and fire safety, providing the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the world.

Armstrong Fluid Technology is committed to sustainability. To underscore that commitment, Armstrong launched its 2 by 22 initiative, a program that aims to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions among customers by 2 million tons by the year 2022. The company also issued a challenge to industry participants to set similarly aggressive targets for the same 4-year time-frame. Armstrong has been working with customers to convert existing installations, and the initiative is on pace to reach the target.

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